Saturday, July 30, 2011

The strip quilt project: For a new, and very special, baby

To prove that there will not be a bunch of whiney posts here, I got straight to my quilt after logging off and decided to share what I'm up to...
This is a strip quilt that I got the idea for from this great site. I am making it for my friend Sasha's soon-to-arrive baby girl. I honestly can say that working on this is just as satisfying as working out!

It begins with a rant... sort of...

I don't mean to complain... those of you who know me, know that I can whine every now and then, though. I decided to start this blog yesterday, mostly to get in some writing, but also to share about the cool, groovy things I get to do in my everyday life. I want it to be inspiring, enlightening, bold! But, I can't help but start with a complaint that I have today, right this minute.
I do not have a lot of spare time, and by spare time I mean time to myself. My two kiddos, births, preschool, board positions, and general stay-at-home craziness keep my occupied for at least 16 hours a day. So, this morning when Bill, my amazing husband (no, he really is), took the kids for a walk to the beach, I quickly threw on my bathing suit and jetted down to our pool. I finally get to swim!!!!!!!! Working out has been a goal that seems very much out of my reach lately. When you spend all day taking care of the kids or rubbing a birthing woman's back, you get pretty tired.
Ok, now I'm rambling...
Anyways, I get to the pool and it is CLOSED!!!! They are having a swim meet until 12:30! I can't swim at 12:30! That's lunch time and nap time and I have to visit a client at the hospital today! So, instead I start my blog. I promise from here out to try to be less whiney and more inspirational!
Pinky swear.