Saturday, May 25, 2013

My secret (now not so secret) love affair with Rae

          The blog Made by Rae is written by a very cool lady named... you guessed it! Rae! I'm saying she's very cool, not because I actually know her or have met her, but because she makes awesome things, has adorable kids (like me), and is super duper creative. Her blog was one of the very first I started following when I began sewing a few years ago. Her patterns are some of my favorites. They are easy to follow, have clear instructions, and come out pretty perfectly every time. If you have been sewing for years or are just beginning, I would highly recommend using her patterns. Like I said.... I think I'm in love!

Here is my tribute to Rae and her awesomeness....

The very first dress I ever made for a grown up was the Washi Dress. It was surprisingly easy to put together and since it has shirring in the back, it didn't require any zippers or buttonholes. Hurray!

I liked it so much that I made one for my sister for Christmas! This sure is one comfy dress! And, I get so many compliments on it....

Then I decided to make a Washi tunic. Awesome! I got this fabric at my favorite fabric store SuperBuzzy!

I have to admit that I didn't follow Rae's suggestion when I decided to make this a sleeveless shirt so the shoulder part is a bit too wide. Lesson learned!

You can spend hours on the Washi flickr pool getting inspired by all of the amazing dresses and tops that people have made.

One thing was missing from this pattern in my mind... The kids size version.

Rae read my mind and made me....

The Geranium Dress!!!!!

Wasn't that so nice of her?

So, I made one for Bronwyn...

I used Heather Ross's new linen from her Nursery Versery Line... I absolutely love this print! I will save the story of my love affair with her for another time....

I love love love the three buttons on the back. This dress was my first attempt at making buttonholes on my Janome. My old machine did not have buttonhole making capabilities. I am not sure what I had been afraid of... it was pretty darn easy!

Then I made my favorite twins some matchy-matchy Geranium Dresses.

And then I made one for Kajsa for her first birthday! Who can resist making a strawberry Geranium Dress for such an adorable, sweet girl?!


Check out the Geranium Dress flickr pool too. So so cute!!!

Dresses are fun! One of these days I will show off some of my other projects that I have made from Rae's patterns.... Show Off Bags, Parsley Pants and more, oh my!!!!

I don't want to overwhelm you all in one day!