Saturday, April 28, 2012

Birth Break

It has been over a month since my last birth... too long.
Right when I was starting to feel overwhelmed with my appointments and hours away from my own children, the doldrums hit. I have two friends who are going to be giving birth any day now and I have been finding myself staring at their baby bellies with anticipation.
Was I just drooling?
Ok, I admit it... I am addicted to birth. I'm a birth junkie! Can't get enough! Seeing a baby and a new family being born is such a special gift that I am given at every birth I attend. I really love to give of myself to people, especially new parents. Selfishly though, there is a high that you get from being there. No matter how exhausted you are after hours or days of labor, you feel peaceful, joyous and energized when that baby arrives. It's almost like giving birth yourself, you forget the pain, agony, exhaustion and challenges and only see that sweet baby and those happy parents. It's pretty awesome.
So, let's have some babies people!
I'm jones-ing!