Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A great gift: The Infinity Scarf

A very special person is celebrating her birthday tomorrow! So, I made her a present! My friend, Sora, wanted one thing for her birthday... an infinity scarf. That had to be pretty easy to make, right? Right!
My first lesson was in material. We live in Santa Barbara so a heavy scarf usually isn't needed here. I did a little research and it seemed that voile would be the perfect weight. It is a super-light cotton that feels silky to the touch. There are tons of prints to choose from. Thank goodness my sewing goddess, Raven, keeps quite a stash at her house! I picked out a chocolate brown and a light blue floral pattern to create a two-sided scarf.
My machine was giving me a hard time... Who knew that re-threading your machine could fix it? (Raven to the rescue, again!) So the project got to a slow start. This scarf really only took about a half an hour to machine sew and then another half an hour (due to my utter lack of skill) to hand sew. Once I work on my hand sewing skills I think this will be a pretty quick and easy project. Perfect for a birthday or Christmas present.
I followed two tutorials to complete this project. The measurements I took from The Cottage Home and the closing instructions from Anna Maria Horner's Make page.
Try it! It's easy and fun!!!

The finished product!

My little model trying it out for me :)

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