Saturday, August 20, 2011

The quilt, an ACL and a kitty cat

The quilt is finished! And just in time too! I was planning on hitting the road down to San Diego for the baby shower at 10:00 and there I was, at 10:30, putting it in the washer. With the turn of the knob and a prayer, my latest piece was given up to the universe in hopes that it would still be in one piece!

Usually I wouldn't be worried, but the pieces I've made before had been all pre-washed. After consulting my quilt goddess, Raven, I learned that I didn't have to pre-wash my batting! What?! I don't?! Boy, that was a pain last time! I tied it up in a pillow case and washed it on delicate. Did you know that I dislike anything that needs to be washed in a special way? I do. So, I jumped for joy when I realized my quilting life had now changed forever! The catch? Well, there isn't one if you don't mind some bunching between your stitching after your quilt is washed. Personally I like that look, but it still didn't make me feel any better when I put that quilt in the washing machine.
I am very pleased with how the quilt came out with the exception of the binding. Binding is my nemesis! First of all, I made the binding yesterday, the day I was supposed to leave. I made a 2 inch binding (note to self: that is NOT enough for a quilt!

It also didn't help that this guy attacked my leg and the binding the whole time I was sewing.

(He looks sweet here, but he's really a rascal!)

I have only binded one other quilt on my own and that was with help on the more challenging parts (the corners and tails on the ends). I attempted to follow the steps here but, in my altered state of mind, I couldn't wrap my head around the directions for finishing the ends. So, I made it up and it looks terrible! I don't recommend it. Next time I'm calling in the goddess! I learn better that way anyhow!

Now, on to the altered state of mind I just mentioned... Last Saturday, I participated in an alcohol enhanced game of trampoline dodgeball and tore my ACL in my left knee. At least it's not my sewing or driving knee, right?! I'm chit toy on pain meds and scheduled for surgery on Monday. Besides, as my mother always says, "It will feel better when it stops hurting!"


  1. Ah, the quilt looks great!! I just finished my second one, and it definitely turned out better than the first. I need to work on getting straighter lines but I'm not a perfectionist by any means, so I'm good with it. The binding looks great too! I cheated and bought already made bias tape, so you're braver than I!

  2. The quilt is beautiful!! I wish I could quilt, sew, something!!

    Sorry about your acl :( I hope surgery goes great and I want to be signed up for food drop offs!! :)

  3. Haha! You are to to tooooo kind, but I accept the title of quilt goddess!
    I am so sad about your ACL- but pleased you can still sew(and drive).
    I'll bring you some grub next week too! xoxo

  4. @Annemarie-That's fabulous! I'll have to check the blog and see the new one!
    @Katie-I would eat ANYTHING you make! My friend set up a Care Calendar for me on my FB page :)
    @Raven- you've earned the goddess title! Xoxo