Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Carousel Cake

I love to make fondant cakes!
Some people say, "Alissa, you need to do this for a living!" I say, "Hell no!"
Decorating cakes is so rewarding and so fun and soooo stressful! I think I would be a nervous wreck if I did this more than a few times a year. You all get to see the cute pictures at the end but, what you don't see is the crazed, powdered sugar-covered maniac cursing at a ripped piece of fondant at 2 in the morning. It's not pretty... ask my husband. That being said, I am getting better and better and more and more efficient. I am not sure if more episodes of Cake Boss would help me or hurt me at this point. Up until now, it would just make me frustrated that I was incapable of making such perfect, magnificent cakes. I think I have finally come to realize that people aren't paying me thousands of dollars to make these cakes. A couple of cracks in my fondant will be ok. I'll keep telling myself that.... and you, you enjoy these pictures of my newest cake. I made it for a sweet girl who is turning 3 tomorrow :)

xo Alissa
Taylor's 3rd birthday carousel cake

I used a kit from Michael's which contained the plastic pieces (the top, the horses and the supports). I made a two layer 12-in. round cake with a fantastic chocolate cake recipe (it took two batches) and covered them with marshmallow fondant. I would never cover a cake with anything else! It is not what you eat at a wedding, you know, the kind that you peel off your cake before you eat it? This stuff is delicious and pretty easy to make. You should try it! Let me know if you need help :)
Happy Birthday Taylor!

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