Friday, September 14, 2012

It's been a while...

     Sometimes it feels like I have way too much to do. The house is never clean enough. The piles of cut quilts, tops, and bags taunt me from my cutting table. Babies just keep on being born. I often wonder what it would be like if I didn't feel the need to have my hand in everything. Would I have a clean house? Would dinner be on the table at 6 every night? Would I actually be home for bedtime? Would my life be simpler?

I'm sure it would....

But, my life is full and I am blessed. I have the most fulfilling of jobs between being a mother and helping growing families, I always feel useful, needed and loved.

So, I've been busy and happy! Here are some things I've been doing and making this summer...

A sweet elephant-themed baby shower cake

A new Show Off Bag for my sister... get the pattern here...

A baby kimono for sweet miss Rowdy

July 20th Miss Bronwyn (aka Rowdy) arrived and I had the pleasure of witnessing her amazing birth at the Santa Barbara Birth Center where I work as a birth assistant.

A baptism cake for Serena and Olivia

A Mexican-themed bridal shower cake made with Margarita cake :)

Madelyne needed a new ballet bag to go with her new yellow leotard color for this year.

Yeah, I've been busy. And there is so much more that I can't wait to share. I hope that I will have more time to write down what I have been up too.... 



  1. Oh my, I should not have visited your blog while hungry. These cakes are amazing!! I love the bag you made for your sister, too... I think I need to bookmark that one!

  2. LOVE your blog and reading about all of your crafts and BEAUTIFUL cakes!!!!